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BLM15BD601SN1J | SMD FER 0402 600R 25% 200mA

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Manufacturer Murata
Description SMD FER 0402 600R 25% 200mA
EMI Filters / EMI Suppression, Ferrite Beads, Single
Weltron OrderNo. 147061216860
RoHS / AEC-Q200 RoHS:
Data Sheet
Unit Pack 50000 (T/R)
MOQ 50000
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Prices and Availability
  Price Availability Order
Unit Pack: 50000 (T/R)
MOQ: 50000

150.000 ca. 1 week
Acceptance of order subject
to positive availability.

New Production:
on request

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Product Type EMI Filters / EMI Suppression
Subcategory Ferrite Beads
Impedance(R)@100MHz (typ) 600R
Size 0402
Rated Current 200mA
DC Resistance(R) 0.65R
[Parameter4] [Wert4]
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