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Q22MA3061036914 | MA-306 28,636600M 16pF 50ppm | Epson Timing Devices

Product Details



Manufacturer Epson Timing Devices
Description MA-306 28,636600M 16pF 50ppm
Temp Datenpool, alle, alle
Weltron OrderNo. 147094322085
RoHS / AEC-Q200 RoHS:
Data Sheet
Unit Pack 1000 (T/R)
MOQ 1000
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sheet for product specifics)
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Price Units: Pcs. = Pieces, % = per 100 Pieces
Prices and Availability
  Price Availability Order
Unit Pack: 1000 (T/R)
MOQ: 1000

Anzahl EinzelpreisGesamtpreis
1.000    EUR  60,60 %  606,00
3.000    EUR  56,87 %  1.706,10
6.000    EUR  54,07 %  3.244,20
12.000    EUR  52,21 %  6.265,20
24.000    EUR  50,34 %  12.081,60
New Production:
24 weeks

Req. Delivery Date:
Part No.:
Order Quantity:

Product Type Temp Datenpool
Subcategory alle
P/N Q22MA3061036914
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