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Quality – Reliability – Service

Founded by Wolfgang Weller in 1988, Weltron Elektronik GmbH has been operating as a worldwide distributor of electronic components for now more than 30 years.

Due to our longstanding experience with and knowledge of the electronical component market, we are able to draw on the benefits of both an independent distributor and a licensed dealer. Therefore: continuity, high technical know-how and a flexible adaptability to rapid market changes enable us to provide our clients with fast and reliable solutions - always customised for each individual product inquiry.

Our extensive product portfolio hereto includes a broad variety of semiconductors, interconnects, passives, and electromechanical components coming from the most renowned global producers.

But we also look for alternative supplies in order to find the best solution for you, always meeting the demands of our customers.
Analyzing cross-references has hence become a daily routine that enables us to guarantee the highest quality and an all-encompassing customer support. The service of our skilled and experienced staff hence does not end with the simple search for ‘part numbers’ - but in fact always goes the extra mile and spares no effort to satisfy your request with the appropriate supply.
Our know-how will be your benefit  -  Convince yourself and discover our services!

Corporate philosophy

  • Weltron Elektronik GmbH has a strong commitment to the concerns of its employees, customers and suppliers, thereby always putting the ‘human factor first.
  • We profoundly believe that fair and considerate interactions are a vital point of respectable work ethics. Solving problems in a cooperative and obliging manner is thus a key premise of our actions.
  • Our corporate philosophy is further characterized by quick reaction times, a strong adherence to delivery dates as well as reliable and accurate outputs of goods.

Quality policy

  • The standard and the quality of our work are determined by the concerns and expectations of our customers. Therefore, one of our leading principles is the permanent assurance & improvement of our customers’ satisfaction. Their judgment is a crucial factor for us to critically evaluate the quality of our daily work. 


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