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Logistics is our strength 

Our customers set the standard for our quality. Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers at all times and continuously increasing it are among our highest corporate principles. Fast availability and faultless delivery are the prerequisites for our success.


Seamless traceability

Seamless traceability has been an integral part of our logistics processes since 2005. As soon as the goods arrive, each packaging unit is given a unique identification number, which the goods retain throughout the entire logistics process. The recording of the batch number and date code of the goods is a matter of course for us.

Our transparent IT system enables all employees to access all relevant data at any time. For example, date code specifications can be easily maintained, or faulty batches can be blocked at the press of a button.

Error-free goods issue

There is nothing more unique than the part designation (Part number) of a manufacturer. Our modern logistics system uses exactly this criterion for the unambiguous identification and inspection of the goods on receipt.
In addition, each package is given a Weltron-unique identification number on receipt of goods. With this number, each package can be identified without any doubt at any time in our system. 
Storage, picking and delivery are intelligently controlled by highly efficient IT-processes and supervised at every point.



Individual solutions

When working with our customers, we place great value on partnership, sustainability and service quality.
We are happy to offer you, for instance, customer-specific barcode labelling of goods to simplify your incoming goods as well as individual solutions for dispositive material supply (e.g. blanket orders). 
What can we do for YOU?

Date code - An important topic for you?

Every manufacturer of electronic components uses its own systematics to indicate the production date on the product labels. The coding systems can be very different. For the most part, the date of manufacture is even issued in encrypted form exclusively in the lot number. It is hence usually impossible for warehouse staff to determine the production date quickly and independently on the mere basis of the original manufacturer's data.

But we have the solution for you! Our highly efficient IT-system decodes and checks the date code of each manufacturer directly during the receipt of goods. In this way, we can ensure that date code specifications are also being 100% adhered to.

On request, we can likewise reveal the date code in decoded form as a date display on our shipping documents as well as on customer-specific barcode labels.

With our system, nothing will interrupt a smooth incoming goods inspection and date code recording at your company.

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